Heartbreak Trail Trivia Contest


May 2017: A few of you thought last month's contest was too easy. "Could you make it harder?" an entrant asked. Okay! This month's contest is not easy. I also mixed up the questions so they are not in the order of the plot. I will be very surprised if anyone gets all twenty questions correct.

Prize: Hot off the press! A very nice 11x17 poster (nice paper stock) showing Andi growing up on the Circle C Ranch.

Rules: 1. Send your answers (the link is clickable) to the Trivia Questions below about Heartbreak Trail to CircleCAdventures@gmail.com. You may reread the book to refresh your memory. :-)
Note: You must send your contest entries to the Circle C email address above and not to my personal (SusanKMarlow) email address. Any entries coming to my personal gmail account will not be included in the contest. The CCA gmail account is set up to easily organize the entries when they come in. My personal account is not.
2. The winner is the entry with the most correct answers. If more than one person has answered the questions correctly, Mrs. M will choose a random winner from the correct entries.
3. Along with your trivia answers tell Mrs. M which part of Heartbreak Trail is your favorite and why. (50 words or less) (I loved reading these last month!)
You must complete both parts one and two to qualify for the prize. So grab your copy of Heartbreak Trail and dig in!

Contest ends Wednesday, May 31.  
Mrs. Marlow will announce the winner on Thursday, June 1, along with the correct answers to the questions. However, since I'll be on the road at conventions, I might not be able to mail your prize right away.


1. What breed of cattle do the Carters raise in this story? 
2. Why are Andi and Levi rounding up cattle during Heartbreak Trail's opening chapter?
3. Who wins the coin toss to boss the trail drive?
4. What is the name of the river near flood height?
5. After the disastrous river crossing, about how many cattle are missing or dead?
6. How old was the foreman, Sid's, little daughter when he came to work for the Carters?
7. Who tells the best campfire stories?
8. How many cattle are the Carters driving to market when the drive begins?
9. To whom is Rosa promised in marriage, and what ranch does he work on?
10. How many night guards watch out for the cattle each night?
11. Which cowhand sprained his wrist? 
12. How far did the herd travel in the first four days?
13. Where is Chad taken after he is shot?
14. What time is Andi and Levi's bedtime on the drive?
15. What is Sultan's coloring?
16. Name Andi's two jobs on the cattle drive.
17. Who is in charge of the remuda?
18. What is the name of the steep mountain canyon the cuts through the Tehachapi Range?
19. What is the name of the cafe where Andi and Levi go to get a bite to eat?
20. How many drifters do Andi and Levi spot when they're collecting wood?
21. How many cattle do the Carters sell to the Army at the end of the drive?

Tell Mrs. M which scene from Heartbreak Trail is your favorite and why (about 50 words or less).


  1. Do we need to put the questions in order????

    1. Also when we email our answers do we need to put the questions in or just the question numbers??

    2. You must give your answers in the order of the questions listed in the contest. But you don't need to rewrite the question.Just the answers, 1-21

    3. Ok. Thanks!!

  2. Ahhhhh I only have a few more days!!!!!!!!